D1 Enacts A Client Bill of Rights

12/15/2009 10:03

Today is the anniversary of the ratification of the United States Bill of Rights in 1791 and we believe it to be a great time to enact and publish our D1 Solutions Client Bill of Rights.  We believe in legendary customer service and treating everyone, clients, vendors, and even competitors as we like to be treated ourselves.  It is hard for us to believe, but there are many companies out there that treat their clients poorly and with little respect for the time and trouble associated with using a third-party for goods and services.  A great many of our clients came from bad business relationships and we enjoy a long-term happy partnership with those clients.  To our current and future clients, we honor them with our Client Bill of Rights.  You can find the entire document here, but here are the tenets, you have a right...:

  • to clear, honest  and responsive communications
  • to a fair price with no hidden fees
  • to free, convenient and predictable billing
  • to high quality products and services at a great value
  • to be appreciated
  • to prompt and courteous issue resolution by an actual person
  • to a dedicated representative available to you anytime
  • to be treated respectfully and honestly, always
  • to expect us to support the community we share

It is simple, but important.  If you work with us, we expect you to hold us to these principles.

The December 15, 2009 press release can be found here.