About Us

D1 Solutions is committed to bringing the highest quality service and best value to our clients across all of our offerings.  We are guided by the principle of treating all people with respect: from our employees and colleagues, to our peers and vendors, and our clients.  When you are dealing with D1 Solutions, you can rely on a partner that will be honest, hard-working and responsive.  


  • Full-Time Dedicated Project Manager
  • Customized Invoicing
  • Free Pick-Up and Delivery
  • Standard Office from 7am to 10pm with 24 Hour On-Call
  • Assigned Service Representatives Ready to Assist
  • Toll Free Availability at 866-422-DOC1 (3621)


  • Documented Confidentiality and Privilege Controls
  • State-of-the-Art Security for Data, Documents and Material
  • Capability to Provide Full-Services On-Site, Remotely or in Our Offices 
  • Facility Access Limited Only to Authorized Personnel


  • Proven Efficiencies in Methodologies, Training and Process
  • Turn-Key Solutions
  • All-in Pricing Available for Most Services
  • Regular Account Audits to Ensure Quality and Cost Control
  • Dedicated Technology Review Committee to Evaluate Emerging Technologies
  • Continuous Workflow Assessment Produces Consistent Results at the Best Value


  • Comprehensive Employee Training and Evaluation Programs
  • Proprietary 8-Step Quality Process
  • Industry Recognized Leader in Several Field Including Image Capture and Project Management
  • Systematic Internal Research Group to Investigate Emerging Technologies
  • External Advisory Board with Auditing Function
  • Dedicated Project Management for Each Client with Specific Industry Experience
  • 100% QC Verification Methodologies
  • Minimal Employee Turnover Rate