D1 Hosts DC Reception of Colorado Companies

02/28/2011 19:50

Earlier this month, we had the great pleasure of hosting the Colorado Companies' Reception in Washington DC.  Our co-hosts included some of the best companies in the Nation, and all based in Colorado.  The companies included Granite Excell Management, Visible Productions, Rocky Mountain Reinforcement, OZ Architecture, Messner and Reeves, Capitol Steps Consulting and RTL Networks.  All the hosts were honored to be joined by the Keynote Speaker of the evening, Senator Michael Bennet, as well as distinguished guest Congressman Ed Perlmutter.  These gentlemen spoke about the need for Washington to promote and support business and find innovative ways to improve economic conditions in Colorado and across the country.  In one of the crazier weeks on The Hill with budget debates.  Even in the pressure-filled time limited week, our Colorado delegation made time to meet with our group at the Capitol.  Special thanks to the offices of Congresswoman DeGette, Senator Bennet, Senator Udall, Congressman Lamborn, Congressman Tipton, Congressman Gardner, and Congressman Coffman.  Our Reception was covered by The Hill and you can find their coverage here.