D1 Solutions Saves a Client $100s of Thousands in eDiscovery Costs

06/27/2011 15:35

We love our clients.  Truly.  Our approach to serving our clients is "your urgency is our urgency."  This philosophy has served us well over the last nine years and we always take the long term relationship approach in serving our clients.  Anyone familiar with eDiscovery has seen some of the high costs attached to the proper execution of litigation.  Because of the dynamic nature of data, the myriad of ways in which it is stored and disseminated and the sheer volume, the price tag of producing the required material can get out of hand quickly.  Recently, one of our clients was facing a very strict deadline to process and produce 800 GBs of data with a tight turnaround.  There were numerous parties and counsel involved and accordingly, there were several vendors offering solutions.  We were surprised to see some of these offerings because they were not really "solutions" based.  Really, they were offering just a single, dated approach to get it done.  It would have been very very expensive and would not have created the best solution.  We are happy to say that we were able to diagnose the major hurdles to getting it done, integrate some custom methodology using a combination of technological tools and were able to get the project completed early and 70% less than the "standard" offering.  It took some thinking and it took some time and it required collaboration with the client, but at the end of the day, it was the right way to do it.  These days, we deal with terabyte volumes on a regular basis.  We have learned that if you leverage the strengths of various technological tools, you can really do some wonderful things.  We're still waiting on our first petabyte.  If you have a petabyte or more that you need help with, please give us a call.  : )