U.S. Supreme Court Begins Hearing Oral Arguments for 2010 Today!

01/11/2010 09:38

For everyone interested in following the United States Supreme Court, the Court begins hearing oral arguments for the 2010 session today!  This should be an exciting year for the Supreme Court with a variety of important cases and a potential retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens.  A few highlighted cases for 2010 include:

  • American Needle Inc. v. National Football League, an antitrust case stemming from the NFL awarding an exclusive contract to Reebok.
  • Briscoe v. Virginia, A case involving the rights of defendants to confront witnesses.
  • Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, to determine whether the ban on direct corporate expenditures on elections violates the First Amendment.
  • Skilling v. U.S., where the Court will examine the constitutionality of the "honest services" fraud law used by prosecutors to go after high-profile public and private officials.

These intriguing cases will keep Court watchers riveted throughout 2010 with long reaching implications for criminal law, election law, antitrust and FTC matters, as well as white collar prosecution.

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