What Does an E-Discovery Attorney or Consultant Do for a Client?

01/14/2010 18:33

There are a growing number of consultants in the legal world who bring e-discovery experience and get involved to assist with issues specific to electronically stored information.  The meet and confer requirements set out in the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, along with subsequent cases like Qualcomm, have established the need for a guiding hand to help parties navigate e-discovery.  I have helped clients with a variety of matters to stay in compliance with FRCP requirements and to create or maintain an advantage during litigation. 

Here are a few ways an e-discovery specialist may help:

  • Early case assesment and thematic litigation strategies
  • Helping determine budgets and finding cost-saving opportunities
  • Settling on a form of production
  • Evaluating retention and destruction policies and procedures and enforcement
  • Understanding IT infrastructure and the capability to create a data map
  • Assist with selecting technology and service providers
  • Develop methods for handling data volume, including search and filtering protocols
  • Manage collection of documents and data, including use of computer forensics

As always, I am happy to help with any questions you may have with executing a case.