Hope1 Solutions

Since its inception, D1 has been proud to be able to give time, money and services to many local charities, including the Colorado Campaign for Inclusive Excellence, ARC, Denver Children’s Museum, The Children’s Hospital, Denver SCORES, and Escuela Tiatelolco. At D1, we recognized that there was still more we could do.  In light of challenging economic times in 2009, the D1 Executive Team launched Hope1 Solutions, a program to help alleviate some of the financial pressure on non-profit organizations that have seen many of their former benefactors forced to reduce or eliminate their assistance.

In the Summer of 2009, D1 committed to give a portion of our proceeds to selected charities. Our plan was simple.  We sought out some of the great charities working in our community to be part of the Hope1 Program.  The original 5 charities were The Children's Hospital, CCIE, Mi Casa, the Denver Venture School, and the Denver Children's Museum.  Then, we went to our clients and informed them of the Hope1 program, the charities that would benefit, and that any time they work with us, just let us know which charity they would like their project to benefit.  The launch was a huge success, and as we already knew, our clients have big hearts and wanted to participate.  In the first few weeks, we were able to set aside funds that will go to some of our original charities as well as the addition of a couple more recommended by our clients, including Dolls for Daughters

Our hope is to continue to grow the program, increase the funds available to non-profits and add new causes that improve the community by helping underprivileged youth, assisting the differently-abled, increasing minority representation, and other worthy, locally-based programs. Ultimately, in addition to raising funds, we hope to raise awareness of how businesses and people can work together to positively impact the lives of others.

We encourage you to visit the sites of the participating charities to learn more about their cause.  If you would like to know more about the Hope1 program and how you and your business can work with us to raise awareness and funds, please contact us at hope1@doc1solutions.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.