D1's Online Review Platform - Security Overview

12/03/2009 13:23

Online review has really changed the way legal professionals approach and execute their cases in the last several years.  Consequently, these review platforms have been one of the leading edge for emerging technologies in litigation support.  It has been interesting to me, how Moore's law has operated within the litigation technology industry.  One year, there is a hot new feature developed by one or two companies, and by the next LegalTech, that feature has become a standard and is integrated into every platform.  It is a joy to watch talented and innovative technologists apply their skills to the practical problems we all face in our practice.  With the commoditization of technological tools and processes, the end-user is the greatest beneficiary.  In our case, we offer a robust online review tool at D1 with no user fees, no license fees, no up-front software purchases and while possessing all the features needed to get a review completed accurately, on time, and under budget.  Check out the features here and you can access our Hosted Review Security Overview here.