Online Document Review

D1 Solutions provides full service online document review services for law firms, corporations and governmental agencies.  Our online review tool is designed to be intuitive for casual users with all of the necessary features to please power users.  Our goal is to help you receive all the benefits such as convenience, accuracy and efficiency at a great value and without the high start-up fees associated with many review platforms.  Our robust review tool can be learned within an hour and our comprehensive training, support and free consulting from licensed attorneys and paralegals will allow you to:

  • Cull and filter by keywords, custodians/sources, dates, metadata or any combination of criteria
  • Prepare depo and trial prep kits for easy document sets for exhibits, notebooks and research
  • Group tag document based on search results
  • Perform quick privilege review and segregate potentially privileged documents
  • Respond quickly and accurately to electronic discovery requests
  • Review documents in PDF, TIFF, HTML or Native formats
  • Evaluate the merits and key issues in a case within the first day of receiving the documents
  • Create production sets and convert or print documents on the fly
  • Track progress across a project by user, document, or numerous varieties of qualifiers
  • Generate fully compliant privilege logs as the review is being performed
  • Build on-board quality assurance programs to ensure review is consistently accurate
  • Segregate documents for review by experts or third-parties with restricted access
  • Review image, text and metadata concurrently
  • Host only the relevant data to help control review costs
  • Edit, annotate, and redact along with review
  • Create customized tagging fields for a variety of search and review projects
  • Access your documents from anywhere there is an internet connection

D1 provides all of these features, and many more, with no user fees, no license fees, and no software to buy.

D1's online review platform is fast, easy-to-use, a great value, and highly secure.  To learn more, please click here to review our Hosted Review Security Overview.