Electronic Discovery

In today's litigation environment, legal professionals are expected to understand technology and be able to effectively use it to handle the voluminous amount of electronically stored information involved in modern discovery.  The ability to properly acquire relevant material, utilize appropriate search technology, and efficiently review and accurately produce the responsive, non-privileged documents.

D1 Solutions has the most current and effective technology combined with the skilled experts to assist you with your electronic discovery issues.  Our CEO is a licensed Colorado attorney and is a recognized authority in the execution of electronic discovery focused productions and complex litigation generally.  D1 was one of the first companies in our market to offer the full spectrum of electronic discovery services and we have now refined our offerings to bring the best combination of value and quality to our clients.

Our core specialties during the litigation lifecycle include:


  • Data Mapping of Information Infrastructure
  • Employee Training Regarding Electronically Stored Information
  • Litigation Preparedness Consulting
  • Compliance Audits
  • Document Retention Policy Development, Implementation and Enforcement


  • Discovery Plan Consulting - Identification of Data Sources
  • Forensic Data Acquisition
  • Meet and Confer Preparation


  • Creation of Digital Document Repositories
  • Comprehensive Data Processing
  • Deduplication, Culling, Filtering and Searching Data
  • Hosting an Online Document Review Platforms in Native, HTML, or Imaged Formats
  • Responsive or Issue Based Legal Document Review
  • Continuous Tracking  and Reporting of Collection, Review and Production


  • Scalable Document Production and Privilege Log Creation
  • Expert Testimony Regarding Defensibility of Discovery Process