The Impact of Technology and How to Make Sense of it All

11/15/2009 23:01

    Professionals across every industry have been affected in some way by the continuous developments of new technology, whether its social networking or word processing software changes, virtual "worlds", and cloud computing.  Do you tweet?  Are you on Facebook?  As a lawyer, do you know if your client has his or her own blog, or what they may have communicated online?

Making sense of advancing technology and best practices for dealing with it, especially from a legal perspective will be the focus of this blog.  We are open to suggestions and can take on the research of difficult topics if there is something that has been a challenge for you.  Just reach out and let us know.  You can learn more about me and my background here.  Ediscovery has been a big part of my legal career and one of the core competencies of D1 Solutions, so you can expect to see it as a recurring point of emphasis. 

Ultimately, we want this blog, and its contributors to be a resource for you.  A place you can go for answers, feedback, information, and some critical insight into how best to integrate and understand technology.  As a warm-up, I will point you to one of my favorite resources for legal practitioners that want to have a basic understanding of electronic discovery, the Sedona Conference

Keep coming back for new entries, it should be fun!  James