I think that there are times for all of us when we are surprised by techn0logy.  We think about the application of Moore’s Law, but are still surprised at just what some new innovation can accomplish, or conversely, that no one has yet invented a tech solution for what appears to be a simple problem.

In our office, we deal with the application to routine and novel issues every single day, and will often joke with each other about how discovery will be simpler again when this “internet fad” is over.  Of course, with the prolific growth of blogs, e-commerce, social and professional personal media, and smart phones and their ever diverse universe of apps, there is something new to understand every day. 

We thought you might enjoy seeing that even a national publication like Newsweek can be surprised by technology.  Check out their 1995 article entitled “The Internet… Bah” and feel better about the times you’ve been wrong about technology.  ( ).

The author scoffs at the idea that anyone would read digital books and doubts that online databases will be useful for schools or businesses.  Oh well, I guess we’re all entitled to miss a few.