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Interesting Litigation Between eBay and Craigslist

12/02/2009 16:24
Two of our favorite online entities, Craigslist and eBay, are going toe-to-toe over an ownership dilution dispute.  Both parties are represented by great firms, Perkins Coie for Craigslist, and Cooley Godward Kronish for Ebay, and the case itself will present some interesting story...

We Wish You a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday

11/25/2009 14:42
D1 is thankful for all of our great relationships with our clients, colleagues and peers.  We send out the best wishes to you and your family and look forward to continuing to share good times with you throughout the year. From all of us at D1!

Denver's Own Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System

11/25/2009 04:06
When I travel around the country, I sometimes hear suggestions that all of the real moving and shaking regarding the development of electronic discovery technology and best practices takes place on the coasts.  Without a doubt, many of the thought leaders in the field and many of the larger...

7th Circuit Launches Electronic Discovery Pilot Program

11/24/2009 03:47
On October 1 of this year, the 7th Circuit officially launched Phase One of the Electronic Discovery Pilot Progam's Principles Relating to the Discovery of Electronically Stored Information ("Principles").  I always applaud the courts for taking measures to guide legal professionals and this...

New Economy Sparking Advertising Litigation

11/23/2009 04:28
Over the weekend, there was an interesting article in the New York Times regarding the recent trend of companies filing lawsuits against each other over advertising claims.  If you're over 30, you are proabably a survivor the Coca-Cola versus Pepsi soft drink wars and now that phenomenon is...

In Case You Missed It - Federal Court Sanctions General Counsel for Failing to Preserve Evidence

11/23/2009 02:27
Every practitioner that has been paying attention has noticed the trend in electronic discovery cases that include spoliation.  From Stanley Morgan to Qualcomm and many cases in between, the courts have little mercy on parties in litigation that are not doing their best to preserve...

More Websites Added to Useful Links

11/22/2009 02:25
We just added the Electronic Discovery Reference Model site as well as The Sedona Conference.  Check them out on our Useful Links page if you haven't before.

Federal Court Websites

11/21/2009 18:26
We've added the links to the Federal Courts on our Useful Links page.  Go check it out and let us know what other sites we should add. 

Education Center for Discovery and Technology

11/20/2009 12:22
One of the initiatives that we are developing and planning to launch in 2010 is a resource for technology and discovery issues.  We will have links to various resources, like Circuit Courts, as well as a case repository, buttons to send your questions directly to our in-house experts, a form...

Happy Birthday D1 Solutions!

11/19/2009 11:11
7 years ago today, Doc1 Solutions was founded!  We thank all of friends, clients, and colleagues for all their support over the years and are looking forward to a great 8th year!