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Holiday Giving!

11/18/2009 12:15
We're closing in on Thanksgiving, so it is a great time to think about your holiday giving.  I'm not just talking about gifts to families and friends but helping out in the greater community. As you probably know, D1 Solutions has been an industry leader through the years in supporting...

How Much Data Is There?

11/17/2009 15:12
I get asked quite often to give a "ballpark" of how much data is on a machine or on media.  As part of our business, we are often running estimates on page counts prior to actually digging in and looking at the paper or electronic documents.  Traditionally, estimating a page count was...

D1 Hires Pete Smith to Enhance Client Service

11/15/2009 23:59
Last week, D1 Solutions hired Pete Smith to join our growing Client Services group.  His impressive background includes supporting many of the AmLaw 100 and Fortune 50 with their document and data services.  He has also served as a regional officer for the Association of Records Managers...

The Impact of Technology and How to Make Sense of it All

11/15/2009 23:01
    Professionals across every industry have been affected in some way by the continuous developments of new technology, whether its social networking or word processing software changes, virtual "worlds", and cloud computing.  Do you tweet?  Are you on Facebook? ...

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11/15/2009 22:45
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D1 Solutions Launches a New Website

10/09/2009 23:50
Our new website has been launched today! Keep coming back to see the exciting new things happening at D1 Solutions!

D1 Solutions Opens New Washington DC Office

09/28/2009 09:44
D1 Solutions opened their Washington D.C. office to better serve their clients that have a presence in the District and along the East Coast.

First blog

09/08/2009 23:50
Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

D1 Solutions Launches Charitable Campaign Hope1 Solutions

08/28/2009 09:43
D1 Solutions officially launched their campaign to raise funds and awareness for charities today! Open the article to see the press release.

D1 Solutions Appoints New CEO

06/10/2009 09:44
D1 Solutions expands their Executive Team with a new C.E.O. Open the article to see the press release.